The Band

Seize the Eternal united in October 2009 to step into the fight for the lost and dying by sharing music filled with the Christ's message of hope and life. The words are clear, breathed from Scripture and the Holy Spirit; and, the music is all rock. Hailing out of Austin, Tx...the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Seize the Eternal is bringing Christian rock into Austin's live music scene and is locked and loaded to take their music and message to the ends of the earth.

The growing Christian rock band spent 2010 shaping their music. In 2011, STE released their debut, self-titled CD. The sound ranges from haunting and heavy in songs like “Unshatter Me” and “Walk Out on the Water” to more classic rock sounds of “Learning How to Die” and “Resensitize.” The songs cry out; they declare our faith; they praise. For anyone who realizes that life is much more than our short experiences on earth the music opens our eyes to things that matter for eternity.

Pat McGuire - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Zach Ekvall - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Gene Staph - Bass
Collin Busbee - Drums

More than the band

When Seize the Eternal began, we planned to deliver more than music...we wanted to deliver God's message...and God's message of hope and life calls every one of us to action.

Seize the Eternal builds relationships to help support organizations "fighting the good fight of faith" for God's kingdom:

Go MAD Ministries

The MAD in Go MAD Ministries stands for Make A Difference and is what we believe we are all called to do. “…I will show you my faith by what I do.” – James 2:28

Go MAD Ministries is a not-for-profit Christian organization established in 2005 and strives to Make A Difference by bringing opportunity, dignity and hope to exploited individuals and communities. They also desire to drive awareness of this exploitation and specifically to the existence and rapid growth of human trafficking. They do this through their involvement with the local faith community and with the help of their partner network.

Find out more about Go MAD Ministries at or stop by the Go MAD table at any of our shows.